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The Reason Why I Was Inspired to start this organisation was because of my mum. She got married at a very young age and it was an arranged marriage and it did not last for long. As she was very young and did not know how to handle herself. She gave birth to me at a very young age after a while she was released to go back to her family but leaving me behind. As i noticed this n our country we still having early marriages at this day and age. Young girls are abused because of the poverty and nothing is being done about it. Some are being neglected by families which cause them to be in difficult situataions and make drastic measures such as abortion or baby dumping. So as MNBC we are here to eradicate such issues

About Maternity and Newly Born Care

Maternity and Newly Born Care organization works with children who have been sexually abused and impregnated in manipulative and violent cases in Bulawayo Metropolitan, Midlands and Manicaland provinces in Zimbabwe.

Maternity and Newly Born Care was started by Jane Dirane in 2011. She went to give birth for her last born child in a hospital in Bulawayo and she discovered that there were many child mothers coming to give birth without care and no one was assisting them with counseling, clothing, preparation and other necessities. The young mothers were really troubled and deprived in poverty. She felt so much compassion for them and sought means to implement programs for them to alleviate their poverty cases.

The founder is a Child Supervisor at a large children's home in Bulawayo. As she was working there she realized a lot of gaps and her passion for child mothers grew. She noticed that most abused children discharged by the institution had no adequate preparations to be self-sufficient in life. Some were discharged without alternative care and then became exposed to all manner of abuse. So, then MNBC assist children from rural areas without clothing, food, and accommodation as they deliver in hospitals.

The founder is a woman of a charitable spirit who has assisted many girls in one of the most successful Non Profit Organisations in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province. She has worked with a lot sexually abused children counseling, educational sponsorship, giving them baby clothing, transport and assisted them with temporary accommodation.


To be a regional, leading responsive and effective organisation in rehabilitation and empowering of abused and impregnated young and child mothers

Mission Statement

Identifying vulnerable abused and impregnated child and young mothers, assesing, counselling, rehabilitation, boosting self-esteem and engaging in a holistic effective case management


-To avail case management to restore and enhance the copying capacity of sexually abused and manipulated pregnant girls and child mothers through counselling and psychotherapy motivativation, sporting and various strategic psychosocial activities

-To facilitate and ensure educational provision and reintegeration for impregnated poor girls and child mothers for them to acquire a basic general certificate in Ordinary Level and practical vocational skills through educational mentorship, sponsorship and excellence perfomance coaching.

-To Stimulate independence and a capacity building and enhancement of child mothers copying capacity to empower them to take care of themselves and their children.

-To Avail prenatal and post-natal care, mentorship and grooming to enable young girls to manage their pregnancy from conception to delivery

-To provide food and clothing relief services to impregnated vulnerable girls and young mothers clothing facility.

-To acquire movable and immovable property for management and sustainability of MNBC and its clients.

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